Roger Federer He is not clear about the return of tennis, and claims not to have much motivation to return to training in the middle of the uncertainty caused by coronavirus. The Swiss tennis player chatted via videoconference with Gustavo Kuerten, another tennis legend, in a conversation picked up by Globosporte and leaving several headlines.

“Since I had surgery in 2016, I haven’t spent five weeks in a row at home. The truth is, I’m not training because, to be honest, I don’t see a reason to do it right now. I am physically well and I think it will be a long time before we compete again. It is important for me to take a good rest now, I do not miss tennis as much, although when we are close to returning and I have a goal to train, I will be super motivated, “confessed Roger, who has run out of specific goals for this season , after the cancellation of its two main points in 2020: Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics.

“I can’t imagine competing in an empty stadium, I can’t do it and I hope it will never happen. As much as when we train there are no people, competing is very different. It is clear that the possibility is feasible, but I think we could wait for the appropriate moment to return in the best conditions, with at least a third of the stadium full or halfway through. It would be very difficult for me to play big tournaments behind closed doors, “added the Swiss tennis player.