The Australian authorities will limit to two the number of people allowed in a meeting, in this way they intend to contain the advance of the coronavirus in the country from today.

Previously meetings of up to 10 people were allowed, but the number of infections has not decreased in recent days, so the national committee in charge of the emergency met to stipulate the new measures, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison assured that this measure was radical but necessary and appreciated that the majority of citizens followed the rules that until now had been imposed in the face of the situation of possible massive contagion of COVID-19.

The new measures will be studied so that they can be reinforced by the local authorities, although the specific measures that will be taken in the face of this new change have not yet been stipulated.

Weddings and funerals may maintain a maximum limit of 10 people in the room and external gathering points, such as skate parks, will be closed until further notice.

It was also recommended to avoid the departure of people 60 years of age and older, although they suggest occasional walks to have a healthy development on the days of the closure, Australia News reported.


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