The Heat were a great team but could add more championships | Streeter Lecka / .

In 2010, LeBron James rocked the world of basketball and in an interview that was broadcast throughout the United States, he unveiled his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join his great friend Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Heat. This is arguably the most famous free agency movement in NBA history.

Cavs fans took to the streets to burn LeBron’s jerseys as they viewed this as an act of treason by a city idol.

During the presentation of LeBron and Bosh in Miami (which was in style) James promised amid laughter and forcefully that the team would win more than five championships. Many saw this as a simple joke, but others considered it an arrogant act. Immediately the Florida team began to be followed day and night by the press, fans and rivals.

There were a total of four intense years where the team managed to reach the Finals in all those seasons but they only stayed with half of them, they lost to the Mavericks of Dirk Nowitzki after going up 2-0, later they beat a young team of OKC commanded by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Then they dramatically defeated the Spurs, and the following year Popovich and his people retaliated and took revenge.

That is why there is the feeling that this team could give much more and that it finally did not end up being the dynasty that many anticipated. If it were not for the miraculous triple of Ray Allen in game 6 of the 2013 Finals we would be talking about a balance of 1-3 in that period for those led by coach Erik Spoelstra, who by the way I have to say made a Super job controlling the locker room all those seasons, when many thought I was not the one to direct the project.

In defense of LeBron and his, we can say that the public scrutiny and the overwhelming pressure of the press on each day was not easy to handle. On multiple occasions, several members of the Heat announced that it was not easy to focus on so much pressure from the media in the smallest detail.

Likewise, I’m sure that when Pat Riley put together this master plan of bringing together three players with Hall of Fame-worthy scrolls, he had in mind winning more than two championships for the Heat’s honors.

In short, we had the opportunity to see a team that will be among the best in history, but far from powerful dynasties such as the Jordan Bulls, Larry Byrd’s Celtics, Shaq and Kobe Lakers and Tim’s Spurs. Duncan and Gregg Popovich, to name a few of the best known in the NBA.