LeBron is the best player of his generation | Streeter Lecka / .

With the recent broadcast of the documentary The Last Dance, which showed unpublished details of Michael Jordan’s glorious career in the Bulls, the debate over who is the best player in history is hotter than ever.

The fans of Jordan and those of LeBron James face each other on social networks every day exposing their respective arguments. In that war of words all kinds of comments can be appreciated and not only by fans, since recently we saw Paul Pierce affirm that LeBron is not one of the five best in the history of basketball.

Others have dared to go further and have even claimed that LeBron would not be a star player at the time Jordan played. That strikes me as unheard of and utter blasphemy.

To think that a generational talent like LeBron James would not be a Hall of Fame in any NBA era is to put a blindfold on it and try to look the other way to ignore the greatness of the current Lakers player.

There are 16 appearances in the All-Star Game, 4 MVP awards, 12 times in the ideal team, 3 times champion and also has 9 appearances in total in NBA Finals. The list of achievements is endless, but those are some of the highlights.

A player who at 35 is averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.5 assists (NBA leader) is an athlete who can shine at any time.

It is true that basketball before was more physical and that the referees allowed more contact, but a point that must be taken into account is that each player adjusts to the rules that are presented to him. It’s not LeBron’s fault that fouls are more rigorous these days or that the NBA is now more offensively basketball oriented.

I am sure that with the talent that the Akron native has, he could accommodate any style of play that is put in front of him. Just as Jordan could also adjust to all kinds of situations and styles of playing this sport.

I want to make it clear that I am not saying that LeBron has already surpassed Jordan in NBA history, as I consider “His Majesty” to be the best of all time in the league, but it does seem to me that James is following him the steps in a great way.

Regardless of whether or not he is the best in history at the end of his career, I think that LeBron James deserves all possible respect and there can be no doubt that he is a talent just as legendary as that of Chicago’s famous 23rd.