India today reported more than 6,000 cases of coronavirus in 24 hours and set a record of daily infections for the second consecutive day.

The Asian country reported 6,654 new cases, bringing the total number of infected to 125,102, of which 3,720 have died, the BBC reported.

The infection rate in the country of more than 1,300 million inhabitants has increased as movement restrictions have been loosened.

In recent days, states in which the contagion rate was low, have been changing their figures as dozens of migrant workers were returning to their homes on specially arranged trains.

In the border state of Assam, in the north-west of the country, authorities filed charges against more than 100 people with Covid-19 who remained in state facilities and failed to comply with the quarantine.

The increase in cases comes at a time when the authorities began to ease some of the restrictions, such as one that authorizes, as of Monday, national flights.