The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced today at a press conference that all workers in non-essential activities should be absent from their work centers for two weeks.

“The government of Spain will approve tomorrow in an extraordinary council of ministers, an exceptional measure, all workers in non-essential activities, must stay at home for the next two weeks as they do during the weekend,” said Sánchez, emphasizing the message in several times.

This according to the recommendations made by the technical committee that advises the government.

For this purpose, the government will grant a recoverable paid leave for all workers in non-essential activities, according to which they will continue to be paid their wages.

However, once the state of emergency is over, workers will have to recover the hours that they have stopped working gradually and over time.

The measure seeks to reduce the mobility of workers as much as possible and avoid contagions as much as possible.

“I hope that soon, in the next few days, we will notice the effect of this powerful collective effort that we are carrying out since we first decreed the state of alarm and since we have been confined to our homes,” Sánchez said during the conference.

The goal is for health workers to have better conditions to treat all patients who are already in hospitals.

During the message, Sánchez thanked the entire population that has adhered to social isolation measures, especially health workers, including those who have already lost their lives, victims of COVID-19.


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