The number of deaths in Italy due to the coronavirus reached 10,023, with 889 deaths registered in the last 24 hours, but the downward trend of those infected continues, Civil Protection reported.

The total number of infected people since the detection of the virus in Italy on February 20 was 70,075, 3,651 more sick than yesterday.

But the downward trend of positive cases continues, with 5% more than yesterday, but less than 7% on Friday with five days of decrease in those infected.

Despite the high death toll, the second highest since the crisis began, the head of Civil Protection of Italy, Angelo Borrelli, stressed that 1,434 people have been declared cured, which is the highest figure so far and the double compared to yesterday.

When asked during the daily press conference about the always dramatic number of the deceased, Borrelli stated: “If drastic containment measures had not been adopted, we would have other numbers and the health facilities that were already in critical conditions would have been in a dramatic state. unsustainable situation. “

The situation in Italian hospitals is this: 26,676 hospitalized patients with symptoms, an increase of 647 compared to yesterday, 3,856 in the ICU, 124 more compared to yesterday, while people in home isolation are 39,533.

While the number of tests grows, reaching 429,526, only in the last 24 hours have 35,447 been performed.

The situation in the northern region of Lombardy, the most affected in Italy, also registered 542 deaths, in line with the deceased yesterday, and totals almost 6,000 people who have lost their lives due to the pandemic.

But positive cases are also reduced, which in the count were 2,117 compared to 2,409 yesterday.

Hope also comes from the data of the new hospitalized in intensive care as they are 1,319, but only 27 more than yesterday, which gives a respite to the Lombard health.

Despite the improvement in the data on infections, the Italian Government is preparing the decree that would extend the restrictive measures for another two weeks, with the possibility of some, albeit minimal, exceptions for companies, from April 3 until they were scheduled the first provisions.

According to some media, the current measures would be extended with a new decree until April 18.

“I feel sorry for the inhabitants, but I do it to protect their health and only in their interest,” explained the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, who announced that he will ask the government to prolong the confinement.

What is already clear is that “the suspension of school activities will surely continue after April 3,” as Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced.

Meanwhile, a new ordinance has arrived from the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health that updates the provisions for those arriving in Italy.

Starting today, a statement is needed specifying the reasons for the trip and the full address of the house and a phone number where the isolation of Italians returning to the country will take place.

On the other hand, there is also growing concern that containment measures and the closure of activities affect especially the south of the country, which is much more economically fragile.

Some isolated episodes in Sicily of assaults on supermarkets have triggered fear.

“I am afraid that the concerns of wide swaths of the population for health, income and the future, as the crisis drags on, will turn into rage and hatred. There are fragile social areas and territories,” warned the Minister for the South. Peppe Provenzano in an interview.


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