The deaths in Italy from coronaviruses reached 10,779 today, which means 756 deaths in the last 24 hours and there was a small increase in those infected and the concern is now moving to the south of the country, where the economic impact may be more serious and fertile ground for mafias.

The total number of people currently infected is 73,880 and 3,851 more are registered than yesterday, while last 27 the increase had been 3,651 more patients and in total it has reached 97,689 infected since last February 20 when detected the first case.

And 13,030 people were cured, 643 in the last day, according to the head of the Italian Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, in his daily press conference.

The data from infections shows that the trend today does not decrease, but it remains stable and much depends on the number of tests that have been carried out.


The situation in Lombardy, the most affected Italian region, improves, which today recorded 416 deaths and 6,360 in total, and is 126 fewer deaths compared to yesterday.

In addition, the cases of contagion were 1,592 compared to 2,100 yesterday and 41,007 were reached, according to the Lombardy Health Minister, Giulio Gallera, who explained that the containment measures are working, but you should not relax and you must continue complying with the rules.

But also the hospitalizations are intensive care have been only 9 and 9,145 people have been discharged.


The Government’s concern after the alarm of some council members is centered on the economic impact that the pandemic is having in the country and, above all, the attention is in the south.

“I am afraid that the concerns of large swaths of the population for health, income and the future, as the crisis drags on, will turn into rage and hatred. There are fragile social areas and territories,” the minister had warned. South, Peppe Provenzano, in an interview.

A few hours later, the President of the Italian Government, Giuseppe Conte, announced that he would anticipate 4.3 billion euros from the solidarity fund to the municipalities and will allocate another 400 million so that the municipalities dedicate them to help with purchase vouchers for people who due to the pandemic is suffering economic problems.

The president of the Sicily region, Nello Musumeci, assured after a case of an assault on a supermarket occurred that “there are no episodes of generalized violence”, but that after hundreds of companies, with workers with contracts precarious, they have closed, it is necessary to “deactivate this pump”.

“There is a social emergency, there are pockets of suffering with the risk that discomfort turns into anger and anger turns into violence,” said the mayor of Palermo, the Sicilian capital, Leoluca Orlando.

The mayor recalled that in recent days the poor families assisted by the administration have increased from 600 to 2,200. “It is necessary that these funds be immediately distributed to the municipalities so as not to leave the mayors alone to face this social emergency,” he added.

For his part, the president of the Campania region, whose capital is Naples, Vicenzo De Luca, expressed in a letter to Conte that “a greater contribution is expected” because “it is essential to grant aid to citizens in difficulty and to sectors those that the prolongation of the crisis weighs dramatically “.

“Sometimes it’s just about guaranteeing bread to these poor people,” said De Luca.

The 400 million will be distributed in purchase vouchers of 25 euros in food among the people who will request it from the different associations that deal with solidarity.


The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, also warned today in an interview about the risk that the mafia could infiltrate these phenomena and recalled “the times when dismissed workers from mafia companies took to the streets of Palermo praising the mafia that gave work. “

The head of the Italian Police Franco Gabrielli and the central anti-crime director of that institution, Francesco Messina, has sent a report warning of the possibility that the infiltration of the mafia in the Italian economy is increasing at this time when the Entrepreneurs are in difficulties.


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