Armando Galarraga’s move and Joyce’s sentence were left to remember | Bill Eisner / Detroit Tigers / .

Ten years have passed since former Venezuelan pitcher Armando Galarraga starred in a “not-perfect game” with the Detroit Tigers frustrated by first-base umpire Jim Joyce with a bad sentence that has haunted him to this day.

After a decade it is pertinent to ask; What happened to Joyce’s life? What do you think of that unfortunate event?

In a recent interview with Marcos Grunfield, Joyce talked about what happened and how she has had to deal with the dark part of that scene.

Joyce faced hundreds of interviews and conversations with journalists who repeatedly reminded her that her time in MLB was marked by that incident. However, the veteran judge on the ground asserted that he was never afraid to express it. “I don’t have to be afraid to talk about it. It was a bad move and it can’t be changed anymore,” said Joyce, who assured that the memory still moves him. “I feel bad about what happened and sometimes some tears come out.”

Jim Joyce said that the story he forged with Galarraga after that day has been wonderful and led to a documentary and a book that not only came out in English, but also has a translation for the Asian continent. “We have experienced wonderful things. Our families have connected and we have enjoyed remembering what happened. It is a very interesting book that I hope can send the message,” said Joyce.