The Australian did not take long to recover after his break with the also tennis player Anna Kalinskaya. This has been recognized by himself Nick Kyrgios on Twitch, where he has bragged about having sex with his fans weekly.

The tennis player uses this social network to broadcast his games while interacting with his followers. One of them did not hesitate to ask him: “Have you ever had sex with a fan?” “If I’m not dating anyone, it’s something weeklyKyrgios replied.

The Australian’s words come weeks after his breakup with Anna Kalinskaya. WTA number 95 recently stated in Russia Today: “Finished. We are not friends. I understand that you are his friends, but I will not talk about him. I ask for respect. Thank you”. Unable to contain herself, the tennis player sent a message to Nick Kyrgios through their social networks: “You are not a bad boy, you are simply a bad person

The last contempt to Rafa Nadal

With tennis paralyzed, Kyrgios is making headlines in recent days for his live shows. In a recent one with Andy Murray, the Australian appeared drunk and belittling Rafa Nadal. “You are better than Djokovic, you subtracted my serves, which Nadal could not do, he knew that he was in trouble against you

Results indicate otherwise“Andy replied in defense of the Serbian and the Spanish.” “He played dodgeball against my serve and you returned it with a winner. He tried to dodge it, you came after him like lightningAdded Nick Kyrgios.

Seeing the state of intoxication of the Australian, Andy Murray asked him: “How many cups are you carrying The same as the games you let me win that time at Wimbledon. About six? “That’s. My knowledge and interest in red wine has increased incredibly during this quarantine.“Concluded Kyrgios.