A man cries in the Campo de Esperanza cemetery, Brasilia, over a family member who died of coronavirus. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

The much-announced tragedy that was to strike Brazil over its controversial policies to confront the pandemic is now a reality, with more than 330,000 cases and 21,000 deaths. The South American giant displaced Russia as the second country with the most infections in the world behind the United States, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

In a country of 210 million people and a population younger than Europe, the proportion of young adults killed by the new coronavirus is higher than in other states severely affected by the pandemic, especially among the poorest classes.

69% of those killed by covid-19 are over 60 years old, according to official figures, while in countries such as Italy and Spain, those over 60 represent 95% of deaths.

With Brazil in the foreground, South America became “a new epicenter of the disease”, according to the person in charge of emergency situations of the World Health Organization (WHO), Michael Ryan.

“We see the number of cases increase in numerous South American countries. There is a lot of concern around these countries, but clearly the most affected at the moment is Brazil, ”he said.

Throughout Latin America, more than 37,500 people have died and some 681,000 covid-19 infections have been registered.

In the world, there are more than 338 thousand deaths and more than five million infections, according to a balance this Saturday based on official sources.

The situation in Brazil is further complicated by disagreements between the majority of the governors, in favor of confinement, and the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who criticizes him for his economic impact.

The diffusion of a video of a ministerial meeting in which Bolsonaro describes the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, as “bosta” -insult-, as well as that of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Wietzel, removes the possibility of an understanding between the president and the states.