The leader of the Italian Democratic Party (PD) and president of the Lazio region (whose capital is Rome), Nicola Zingaretti, confirmed today that he has been cured of the coronavirus after spending 23 days in isolation at his home.

“After spending twenty-three days of home isolation I have given two consecutive tests a negative result. I have had an unpleasant day, but I am cured, I have succeeded,” he celebrated in a message on his social networks.

Zingaretti, whose center-left party supports the Five Star Movement in the country’s government, called for the unity of the political class to overcome this moment of crisis.

“The world is experiencing a drama unprecedented in modern history, and Italy has been the first western democracy to have to face this situation with very radical elections for the first time since the end of World War II,” he said.

Zingaretti said he will resume his agenda in “a couple of days.”

Italy has registered 101,739 infected in its territory since the first outbreak arose, on February 20, and currently 75,528 people are still sick and 11,591 have lost their lives, according to the latest Civil Protection data.


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