The number of patients in London hospitals has increased in the past two days and pushed capacity to the limit, despite more beds being fitted, in a situation that medical staff calls a “tsunami”.

At least a third of COVID-19 patients across the UK are in the capital, so the capacity of their hospitals has been exceeded in a few hours, and the number of seriously ill patients in the emergency room has also increased, he reported. the BBC.

Hospitals are estimated to be crowded in a few days, and a considerable part of their staff may be infected with the coronavirus, so they will have to be isolated and cared for, said Chris Hopson, Executive Head of the National Health Services. .

At least 30 to 50 percent of medical personnel could become ill in a few days, which will also cause problems in direct care to patients who need it, The Guardian reported.

Hopson assured that this “tsunami” is stronger than he imagined and has a higher level of complexity than they thought it would have.

At this time, hospitals especially need ventilators, capacity in the intensive care area and tests to be applied, he said.

Should the number of patients continue to increase, within two weeks they will be unable to receive more serious COVID-19 patients and begin to experience the number of deaths as in Italy, Hopson warned.

The United Kingdom has 9,642 positive coronavirus cases and 465 deaths, the seventh country worldwide and the fourth in Europe, the current epicenter of the disease.



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