Newton was left as a free agent after being released by Carolina | Lachlan Cunningham / .

The 2020 NFL season continues to take shape and many of the payrolls around the league are almost complete for what will be yet another campaign to reach the Super Bowl. A new report revealed that the Jets struck a deal with Joe Flacco as their new backup quarterback.

With New York’s decision to sign the former Denver quarterback, questions remain over the future of Cam Newton, who continues to be the best player available for his position in free agency.

Signing Flacco instead of Newton can be due to two main reasons, the first is that Cam surely hopes to find a starting role for the new campaign while Flacco has already accepted his role as reserve quarterback and, on the other hand, the economic agreement it is widely favorable on the part of the latter.

Newton’s wait has been explained by some experts as a way to show that Newton still considers him to be a league star and is waiting for a worthy proposition, but the picture doesn’t seem as ideal for the 31-year-old.

Rumors of his possible arrival at the Patriots have been fading, as coach Bill Belichick is apparently not of interest.

Whatever the case, it is unheard of for a Newton-level quarterback to remain without a team.