The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, He has entrusted his reconstruction plan -which aims to reach state pacts to face the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis, the most serious that Spain has experienced since the Civil War- to a politician of his party: Patxi lopez. Meanwhile, the rest of the great European leaders have nominated economists, professors, Nobel laureates, former leaders of international organizations or former CEOs of great prestige to lead the way out of the recession, which some already call the Great Seclusion.

In France the Commission of Experts and Economic Sages to lead the way out of the crisis it will be chaired by Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics. Also by Olivier Blanchard, who was chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) between the years 2008 and 2015. Almost thirty economists will participate in this council of wise men of Macron with a mission: to give concrete and long-term ideas to the President of the Republic to get out of the recession as soon as possible and mitigate the consequences to the extent of the possible.

Meanwhile in Italy, the person in charge of leading the reconstruction plan of the Government of Guiseppe Conte will be Vittorio Colao, former CEO of Vodafone Worldwide. The manager will be in charge of a team of employers, experts in the labor market, economists or psychologists to face the return normal as soon as the health emergency ends.

In an interview in the newspaper Il Corriere de la Sera Colao, he stated that he has “no intention of doing politics.” “I have been asked to help manage a difficult phase, with a group of experts on different topics,” he said. He explained that he was asked to do so by President Conte while he was walking through London and asked for two hours to notify his company, General Atlantic. The company replied: “Of course you can and should do something for your country.” And he warned that his intention was to return to the world of the company.

In GermanyMeanwhile, they have not signed economists or business leaders because they already have an Expert Council that advises the foreign minister and the Government since 1963, when this committee was created by law, which is known worldwide as the group of the five wise men. The so-called Council of Experts for the Evaluation of Macroeconomic Development It is an advisory body on economic policy, which reports Angela Merkel from an independent point of view and assists cabinet members in the design of policies, traditionally having a great influence on the design of the reforms put in place. march on the European locomotive.

The group of the five wise men has been chaired since March 2020 by Lars Peter Feld, although he has been a member of this committee since 2011. He is a professor of economic policy and economics at the University of Freiburg and director of the Walter Eucken Institute. He has researched for years on economic policy, public finances, the new political economy and, among his achievements, he has been the contribution to establishing the debt brake in the German basic law.

Pedro Sánchez has chosen instead Patxi López, as leader of the reconstruction team, despite the fact that he is not an economist nor has he had experience in private business, since most of his career has been devoted to politics. On his resume he does show that he started his career industrial engineering, although did not finish it.

López began in politics at the age of 16, entering the Socialist Youth of the Basque Country in 1975. In 1977 he joined the party upon reaching the age of majority. In 1985 he was elected Secretary General, a position he held until 1988. A year earlier, in 1987, he became one of the youngest members of Congress in history. He reached the seat to replace José Antonio Saracíbar. It was lehendakari of the Basque Government and president of the Congress of Deputies for a few months.