Parents from Madrid who want to take their children to a public or arranged school from the next school year in September, 2020/2021, they will have to wait until the first or, probably, the second fortnight of May to make the center request.

The previous resolutions established that the period of presentation of applications for admission by families took place between April 15 and 29 2020, both dates inclusive. That is, after Easter. But today the Community of Madrid has sent an informative note to the centers confirming that the deadline for submitting applications for the aforementioned student admission processes for the 2020/2021 academic year is postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. until the first fortnight of May or, possibly, the second fortnight of the same month. These are the two options that the regional government is considering.

Many public and public schools, supported totally or partially (in the case of the latter) with public funds, had established in these days their open house days to the parents. Some meetings between teachers and families could be held before the preventive closure of schools by the Community of Madrid, but the vast majority have been postponed.

José Ignacio Martín Blasco, general director of Early Childhood and Primary Education of the Madrid community, pointed out in a first communication that, among these actions, are the admission processes of students in centers supported with public funds for the 2020/2021 academic year, both with regard to the first cycle of early childhood education and with regard to the second cycle of infant education, primary education, secondary education and special education.

“Although the actions prior to the respective admission processes (updating of the adscriptions of centers, recording and review of the offer of vacant places, preparation and distribution of applications for admission, etc.) are proceeding as planned, the extension of the state of alarm and, therefore, the temporary closure of educational centers make it necessary to modify the initial forecast of the deadline for submitting applications for admission, “acknowledges Martín Blasco.

In a second communication from the regional government, the Minister of Education and Youth, Enrique Ossorio, highlights that “we will put all the necessary means to that the schooling process can be done electronically in its entirety, in the event that during these dates the health authorities advise against the occurrence of crowds ”.


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