In Madrid, the economic crisis is already detected in the requests for food aid, since the Government of Spain has not yet paid many workers immersed in ERTE, but despite all this, Madrid will once again be the economic engine of Spain, just as for years, without privileges, being the Community that contributes the most to the State Budget, for the following reasons:

1. Why Madrid is an open region in the sense in which the liberal philosopher Karl Popper spoke and it has great international prestige as an investment destination and place of residence. The citizens of this region do not hesitate to exercise their freedom and demand it. It is correct to protest against the abusive detention that we suffer from the state of alarm, a true state of exception, lacking a legal basis and without the prior authorization of the Congress of Deputies (art. 116 CE).

The residents of Madrid do not doubt their Spanish and European identity; Whoever comes from another region is welcome and this open and hospitable spirit, after the imprisonment suffered, will continue and will be increased.

2. The Government of Spain intends to stigmatize Madrid reproaching it for being the region of entry of the Covid-19 virus in Spain, punishing it for having an unrelated government and keeping it closed for longer than necessary, against the reasoned desire of the Madrid government to advance to further de-escalation phases that allow more activity. Juridically, delaying the advance of phases without foundation is an arbitrary decision of the Government of Spain that it lacks prior and published objective criteria and, in addition, it applies with a secret Committee of experts. Against two unmotivated refusals from the national government, the Madrid government, correctly, has appealed in contentious-administrative procedure before the Supreme Court.

The Madrid population has fully understood that the decisions of the Sánchez government to keep Madrid in a phase of minimal activity have a political root to wear down the Madrid Government that is not related to it.

3. The Government of Madrid has shown that it has leadership, management capacity and transmits confidence, in front of the spirit of the Moncloa that injects the “fear of the virus” into society and accuses the Community Government of wanting to advance “in a hurry” in the stages of lack of confidence, affirming that it can make the epidemic “flare up”. However, the regional government is right to demand progress to new opening phases because it has very favorable health data and reasons with technical rigor. The numbers are analyzed by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whether they are deceased, infected, hospital beds, free UCIS, etc. And sWith the data, which allow us to ask for progress to normality, without fear, adopting precautionary measures. What is inadmissible, incongruous, is Sánchez’s theory that allows Spaniards to go out for a walk but not go to work, and limits himself to speaking without providing reliable data.