The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, asked the world leaders on Monday for his “invaluable support” in the face of the “unusual and arbitrary persecution” that he considers the US Government has initiated against the South American country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I request your invaluable support in the face of this unusual and arbitrary persecution carried out by means of a refreshed version of that stale McCarthyism unleashed after the Second World War. Then they pleasantly labeled their adversaries as Communists to persecute them, today they do so through the fanciful categories of terrorists or drug traffickers “Maduro maintains in a letter.


In the letter, read by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and addressed to “world leaders,” the Venezuelan president “alerts” the governments “to the reckless and criminal steps that the Donald Trump administration is taking, despite the the terrifying acceleration of the growth of COVID-19 (…) seems determined to deepen its policy of aggression against sovereign states in the region. “

Specifically, it refers to the charges that the United States filed last week against the Venezuelan president for “narcoterrorism” and to the sanctions promoted by the US Executive on the country.

“It has increased unilateral coercive measures and has rejected requests from the international community for the illegal sanctions that prevent Venezuela from accessing medicines, medical equipment and food to be lifted or relaxed,” the document reads.

“At the same time, humanitarian flights from the United States to Venezuela have been banned to repatriate hundreds of Venezuelans caught up in the economic and health crisis the country is experiencing in the north,” claims Maduro.

Finally, he assures that “condemning and neutralizing” these “unjustifiable attacks against Venezuela” will be “very useful in preventing” later on the US Government “from launching similar campaigns against other peoples and governments of the world.”


Last week, the US government filed narcoterrorism charges against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, and offered $ 15 million for any information leading to his capture.

Prosecutors in Florida and New York, where the charges were filed, assure that during the last 20 years, since the late President Hugo Chávez assumed power, the Venezuelan Executive has participated in a “violent and corrupt conspiracy” with the FARC to trafficking cocaine.

Supposedly, in Venezuela, the plot is led by the “Cartel de los Soles”, whose name refers to the insignia worn by high-ranking Venezuelan military uniforms.


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