Mundo Hispánico reporter is hit by a rubber bullet and suffocates by gas Mario Guevara was covering the protests in Atlanta over the death of George Floyd Circula video in which he explains the moments of anguish he experienced when being in the first battle line

Mundo Hispánico reporter Mario Guevara was not only hit by a rubber bullet during protests in Atlanta over the death of George Floyd, but also suffered from tear gas.

Through a video you can see the desperate situation that the communicator lived when giving coverage on the front line of battle.

In the audiovisual material, the reporter relates that he experienced difficult moments when breathing tear gas released by the anti-riot agents.

The news professional appears with a helmet and a police vest to protect himself as much as possible from all the objects that flew during the clashes between citizens and police.

These protests stem from the death of George Floyd, an African American who was in police custody, and for which Agent Derek Chauvin is accused.

In the live video, the reporter begins by saying: “Hello my people, we are already here recovering from the great gas meal that I gave myself, super terrible, the journalists now evacuated, leaving the place, after swallowing so much gas.”

As he said these words, he showed images of the exact moment when several colleagues, retired after the attempted clashes, while police officers were waiting.

Then he says: “Without a doubt, moments of great emotion, a lot of adrenaline, we are going to try to breathe a little and when we have rested for a little while, we are going to try to get back to where the relaxation is, but without a doubt I was suffocating , I am no longer for these jogs, and the age is already annoying “.

With difficulty breathing, reporter Mario Guevara added to his story: “There they are, they have us surrounded.” The footage shows how hundreds of elements of the National Guard are posted in front of a building waiting for a confrontation against the protesters.

Then Mario Guevara expressed about the protests over the death of George Floyd: “They are hidden in this building.” The image shows security forces with helmets and protective shields. Then he takes a breath to keep his eyes open and to speak.

“They go for them, they have them surrounded in this building, there are hundreds of officers from both the police and the National Guard, they are yelling at them to surrender, to turn themselves in, they voted for this fence to escape, they got into this empty building “He expressed.

Then he explains: “They are telling them to go out or go for them, we see up there, and the policemen started to go up, they are looking for them, they are demanding that they get out of there, turn themselves in, or else they will be arrested that This is what we are seeing right now here in front of Centenial Park, in Atlanta. ”

While Mario Guevara continues talking, you can see the waiting of the agents, who guard the streets and corners to avoid a possible flight of the protesters for the death of George Floyd.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of ex-uniformed personnel practically impossible to leave, completely surrounded, they have already put order, they have all been arrested, many, tomorrow they are going to give us the information on how many in total, the members of the National Guard fulfilled their mission of bring order to the city of Atlanta, ”he said.