New York —

If someone is willing to cause fury and different reactions on social networks it is Maripily Rivera who, very removed from the pain, put on a tiny swimsuit that became a thong from behind and posed shamelessly from a balcony. For this he leaned his toned body on it and stopped the rear in a very suggestive way.

“You are not what you achieve, you are what you overcome”It was the message with which the sexy Puerto Rican accompanied her image, understanding that she continues to give everything for everything on the program Warriors 2020, in which it is as a participant.

Obviously, the reactions were immediate, and his faithful fans left hundreds of hot comments that threw more than one flower at the presenter.

“Impossible to know which of the two landscapes is more beautiful Maripily uffffff”, “Wooooow what a beautiful and sensual woman”, “My future wife” and “Who were those little shoes”, were some of the hundreds of messages that the fitness model received.

There is no doubt that this participants of Warriors 2020 It is a sensual bomb that becomes more beautiful over the years.