The hotel chain Marriott International announced that he received a cyber attack to your system, which involves data from 5.2 million of its customers, who are already notifying the situation to take the appropriate measures. According to the company’s statement, a leak would have occurred and certain information could have become vulnerable. Read Netflix News in April

The text indicates that hotels operated and franchised under the Marriott brands have an application that allows providing some services to guests.

The leak would affect about 5.2 million customers. Photo: Reforma

In late February this year, the document continues, they identified that third parties may have had access to an unexpected amount of customer information using the login credentials of two employees at a franchise property.

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“We believe this activity started in mid-January 2020. Upon discovery, we confirmed that login credentials were disabled, we immediately started an investigation, implemented intensified monitoring, and organized resources to inform and assist guests,” he says. the company.

At this time the investigation is open and ongoing, however, Marriott indicates that they do not believe that this is information related to Marriott Bonvoy account passwords or PINs, payment card information, passport information, national IDs or driver’s license.

Possibly violated information

On the other hand, the information that could have been violated is the following:

Contact details (for example, name, postal address, email address, and telephone number)
 Loyalty account information (for example, account number and point balance, but no passwords)
 Additional personal details (eg, company, gender, and birthday day and month)
 Associations and affiliations (eg, Programs and loyalty numbers of linked airlines)
 Preferences (eg room / room preferences and language preference)
Second attack

This is not the first time that the hotel chain has reported a hacker intrusion into your system: in November 2018 disclosed that data was leaked from their reservation base in Starwood, on that occasion, the hackers they would have stolen more than five million passport numbers and they would have obtained information from almost 400 million customers. This is one of the most important leaks on record.


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