President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that this afternoon the National Health Council will meet to announce new measures before the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic. Lea Trump extends national confinement for a month

The announcement was made during his morning conference, for which, the Presidency asked radio and television concessionaires to link to a “voluntary” national chain.

Temperature measurement as part of the protocol to rule out coronaviruses. Photo: Reforma

“Today there will be a General Health Council at 1 in the afternoon to take stock of the coronavirus epidemic and approve measures that we are going to apply, especially that we continue to insist on staying home and taking care of ourselves.

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From the beginning we have been arguing that this epidemic is not cured only in hospitals, it is cured in the family, it is cured with preventive measures, with the care that we all have, “he said in a conference.

The federal president asked Mexicans to pay attention to the message from the authorities of the Ministry of Health and thanked them for their solidarity with the government’s measures.

“Today after the General Health Council meets, at 7 pm as we do every day, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, is going to announce the actions that were agreed or that are going to be agreed in the General Council.

“I ask all Mexicans to be attentive today at 7 and thank them all very much for their solidarity, for their support, for paying attention because I am also verifying that people are very supportive with their attitude,” he added.


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