Angela Águilar at the 2018 Latin Grammy red carpet in Las Vegas.

The music industry raises its voice and is next to the people after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

Today, Tuesday, June 2, various music studios and their employees began a “Blackout” in order to draw attention to the abuse of police force and racial injustice in the United States. A statement that is circulating on social networks about this initiative calls her “An urgent step to call for action and cause those involved to take responsibility and thus generate change.”

“As guardians of culture, it is our responsibility not only to unite to celebrate the triumphs, but to support each other during suffering,” says the statement, which mentions the so-called “blackout” as a day for “Disconnect from work and connect with the community and its needs.”

Members of the Regional Mexican genre who joined the #BlackoutTuesday movement:

Several of the most important figures in the Mexican regional genre joined this movement for social equality that seeks to put an end to police brutality towards minorities. MS band used his official instagram account to publicize his stance on protests across the United States:

The star Ana Barbara He also spoke in favor of #BlackoutTuesday, sharing the following message: “No to racism and violence, yes to equality.”

Angela Aguilar, the youngest singer of the dynasty of the same name, did the same on her Instagram profile, using instead of her image, one of a raised black fist, a symbol of protest in the African-American community. The young woman also shared the image of a black box with the hashtag El Show Must Stop, or #TheShowMustStop, to join the uprising of the recording industry globally.

Others who joined the call were Banda Los Recoditos, El Recodo, Gerardo Ortiz, Leonardo Aguilar, Chiquis Rivera, Banda La Ejecutiva and many more. A forceful response by gender to join the global fight for equality for all.