Don’t get too attached to your stuff

Also, the top team will always be better. Even if your level is not very high, you can have things of any level, so it is a good idea to fill your inventory with the best you can.

Use the map and explore

Pressing the directional pad on your controller will open a semi-transparent map. Holding it up will open a full map view where you can see the areas you’ve already explored, how many chests you’ve opened, and how many secrets you’ve found. Use the map frequently to explore low-traffic areas. There are usually large portions of the map that you don’t need to go to, but exploring them will not only give you experience, but you could also find better gear there.

This is why opening chests is so important. Although you still have no control over what will appear in a chest (if anything appears), you have a better chance of getting new equipment if you open every chest you can.

It always kills the cow

Love it from the beginning and often

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There is no traditional tier system here. When you level up, you won’t earn skill points or anything like that. Instead, you gain enchantment points that you can use to upgrade your weapons. It might be tempting to wait and then use a lot on some amazing item, but it’s not a good idea. Enchanted weapons have a great advantage over common ones. In some cases, a single enchantment point can increase your weapon damage by 50 percent.

Repeat levels to get better equipment

New Game Plus. You will unlock Adventure after defeating Arch-Illager in Default and you will unlock Apocalypse after defeating Arch-Illager in Adventure. This is how the game summarizes each mode. “Data-reactid =” 96 “> The other two modes, Adventure and Apocalypse, work as New Game Plus modes. You will unlock Adventure after defeating Arch-Illager in Default and you will unlock Apocalypse after defeating the Arch-Illager in Adventure This is how the game summarizes each mode.


Enemies are more balanced Very few haunted enemies Rewards are average


Enemies are difficult to defeat and hit hard There are new enemy enchantments Rewards are better There are new equipment and artifacts


Enemies are ultra strong and ultra aggressive There are many enemies with powerful enchantments Rewards are excellent There are even more equipment and artifacts

Don’t sell things; turn them into emeralds

You can do this at any time, and as you will remember, you must do it constantly. Between levels you must review your inventory and do this process with anything you are not using.

Don’t be afraid to run

You can use the dodge, which for a brief moment will make you invincible, but this brings a period of recovery. You should only use it if you have no alternative. If you try to evade a combat arena and fail, your chances will not be good. Instead, dodge and run to escape if you are low on health. Enemies do not revive, and any damage you have dealt will remain. Also, your health potion recovers, so you can use it as many times as you need. If you are surrounded and in poor health, run and wait.

And if you die, don’t worry. You have three chances before the game sends you back to camp, and your enemies will not return. Take it easy and be more careful the second time.

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