El Morelia, a club of the highest category in Mexican soccer, announced on Tuesday that it began the procedures to change its headquarters to Mazatlán, a tourist city on the Pacific coast, starting with the next Apertura tournament.

The Monarchs, who have played in Morelia since its founding in 1950, still need the endorsement of Liga MX, which confirmed that the team has already delivered the papers requesting the change of venue and name.

The process is a mere procedure, since in Mexico owners can move their headquarters teams without the need for approval from the general assembly. That is only a requirement when it comes to a change of venue and owner.

In this case, the Mazatlán team will continue to belong to the TV Azteca chain, the second largest in the country.

“The changes of venue have occurred in different clubs and professional teams around the world; These are a natural part of any sport, “the team said in a statement. “Moving to Mazatlán, although difficult, will give long-term viability to an organization committed to sports.”

Recently, TV Azteca has been modifying its business model in soccer. After owning the property of Atlas de Guadalajara and Morelia, in addition to having a lot of influence on the decisions of Puebla, the company got rid of the Atlas by selling it to the Orlegi Group and now moves to Morelia to Sinaloa, a state with little tradition in the highest category. .

The only team from that entity to belong to the first division were the Dorados de Sinaloa.

Morelia has been with TV Azteca since 1996 and was the last champion in the Invierno 2000 tournament.