The national leadership of Morena will promote initiatives in Congress to increase a weight of cigarettes, soft drinks, beer and alcohol. This, informed the leader of that party, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, will generate around 72 billion pesos annually, which would serve to strengthen the public health system.

“Increasing a weight to each pack of cigarettes, a liter of soda, beer and alcohol would inhibit its consumption, which could reduce the number of cases of illness and the costs of care.

“Through this scheme, the people who consume these products would make an additional contribution to the public health system for more than 72 billion pesos, an amount that, added to the estimates contained in the Income Law of the 2020 Federation, would give as a total of more than 206 thousand five hundred million pesos resulted in resources, “he explained.

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In a statement, the party leader considered that the Covid-19 pandemic revealed the shortcomings of the health sector and the urgency of guaranteeing the free provision of services, medicines, supplies and quality. However, he justified, it is necessary to inject additional money so that the Government can face this scenario.

“It is time to implement concrete actions that allow us to improve our public health system and thus approach the Welfare State that the country so lacks,” he added.

He stated that, according to the Ministry of Health, the pandemic has a higher incidence in people with chronic non-communicable diseases, such as lung conditions, cancer, obesity and others in which tobacco directly affects.

“Against this background, Mexico needs to have a health system capable of serving the population at all times, so we must take actions to strengthen it and thus achieve greater investment in the sector in order to respond immediately to extraordinary needs supply and medical equipment, the hiring of more health professionals or the purchase of medicines, “he added.

He recalled that recently in the Chamber of Deputies, deputies Laura Imelda Pérez Segura and Carmen Medel Palma presented initiatives in this regard.