Caravan travels through Honduras to reach the United States. (Free Press Photo: Video taken from Radio Progreso)

Honduran media have reported that amid the covid-19 pandemic plaguing that country, the group of Hondurans decided to begin their journey to the United States.

The Pauta Honduras indicated that people left the Great Metropolitan Central of San Pedro Sula early in the morning.

He adds that the group claims that he is leaving his country due to the food crisis caused by the coronavirus.

On their way they will leave Honduras through the Corinthian border to continue through Guatemala.

The caravan is made up of about a hundred people, including men, women and children who defy the risks to reach the United States illegally.

On January 15, 2020, hundreds of Hondurans entered Guatemala after starting a migratory caravan in search of better living conditions in the United States, despite the barriers imposed by President Donald Trump in collaboration with the Central American governments.

The modality of migrating in caravans began in Honduras on October 14, 2018, with some 2,000 people fleeing unemployment and the violence of bloody gangs and drug traffickers who dominate vast areas of Honduran territory.