Unfortunately, unlocking the app takes a long time. You’ll have to assemble almost your entire island before you have the ability to alter the landscape, and that can be frustrating.

To get the app you will have to complete Project K, Tom Nook’s commission for Totakeke to appear to sing on your island; and for this you will have to do many tasks before.

Animal Crossing Guide to Terraforming


You must first build the camp and invite the first camper to appear to live on your island. Then you will have to build three land for houses. After building the houses, you will have to get three inhabitants to move into them. Finally you will need to start decorating your island with bridges, slopes and other things to get a three star rating. This is not so difficult; When you have the inhabitants, put some furniture and plant flowers and trees.

The most annoying part of the process is that, when you have the application, basically you will have to pay for your inhabitants to move again, and moving a house costs 50,000 berries. If you can, try putting the houses where you think they will like them.

There are eight paths that you can unlock. Those of stone, brick, dark earth, paving, sand, terracotta and wood cost 2,000 Nook miles. There’s also a custom designed trail that costs 2,300 Nook miles. Each one sounds different when walking on it.

You will also have the opportunity to unlock river works and elevation permits. Each costs 6,000 Nook miles. It is a high price, but it is worth it.

this tool which serves to help you design the look of your island from the sky. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options offered by the application Public Works. “data-reactid =” 49 “> There are many online resources to help you get an idea of ​​how you want your island. Something very useful for planning your island is this tool that helps you design the look of your island from Heaven It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options offered by the Public Works application.

River works

This is one of the most complicated tools in the application; you will need some practice before using it fluently. Be patient.

To dig the first water trench simply press A. If you connect some tiles of water, pressing A around the edge will round it. Pressing A a third time will remove the water tile.

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The bridges span about four tiles of water; Take this into account when creating a river. On each side of the river there must be three or four well-leveled tiles to support the bridge.

It is also possible to create waterfalls with the river works tool. To create one (or expand an existing one) you must place yourself at the base of the elevation where you want to put it. Then use the river works tool to create the waterfall on the edge.

Elevation construction

In contrast to river works, the elevation app is a bit simpler. You can create and destroy them from the bottom up. The elevations may have rounded edges. When there is a group of elevations, face the corner, press A and it will be rounded. Press A again and the elevation will disappear completely.

You can only build two or three levels of elevations – the game will not allow you to go higher. Nor can you create an elevation just on the edge of another, since it is necessary to leave even a little space to climb with your ladder.

Inhabitants will not be able to climb elevations. In order for them to access elevated areas, you will need to build ramps for them.

Animal Crossing Guide to Terraforming



If you put similar tiles together you can round the corners. After pressing A to place the tile, press A again to round it. Pressing A a third time will remove the tile. This gives players the opportunity to get creative in creating the paths. For example, the heart shape is popular. Simply place a 3 × 3 pattern but without a corner; then round the two sides closest to the missing corner.

Although there are different road tiles, each works a little differently. The grass, dirt, dark dirt and sand roads are the only ones where you can dig. That also means they are the only ones where you can plant flowers and trees. Terracotta, wood, stone, tile and brick will prevent flowers from growing, which can also be useful to prevent too many flowers from growing in an area.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the roads is to use them to delimit the area where your infrastructure will be. For example, the houses of the inhabitants of the game measure 6 × 6 squares. You can use the dirt road to mark the area where you want to put a house. With this you will ensure that every time you change a house, it will end exactly in the place you want.

Custom designs

Custom designs allow you to be more creative and control the appearance of your island. With this tool you can create your own type of tiles or download different codes from other creators, changing the appearance of your paths and your island.

These custom tiles work the same as the other paths, but are easier to erase: just press Y. Also, unlike the others, the custom tile paths can be aligned with each other even if they are of different patterns. This allows you to create more complex patterns and paths.

You can also combine custom designs with regular paths. To do this, the custom design must have at least one transparent pixel. Just put the normal path how you want it and then the custom layout on top.

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