New York —

Biden could close the nomination next week when West Virginia and Georgia hold primaries

Joe Biden.


Joe Biden It has 1,912 delegates, very close to the 1,991 delegates required to obtain the Democratic Party nomination. With the results still coming from the June 2 primary election, Biden may get the nomination soon.

Biden won the primaries in Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota on Tuesday, according to projections from the AP, CBS News and other media.

More than 400 delegates were at stake in seven states and Washington D.C. Tuesday, making it one of the biggest nights in America’s election since Super Tuesday.

On June 9, West Virginia and Georgia will hold their primaries, after postponing them due to the coronavirus pandemic. Georgia has 105 committed delegates and West Virginia has 28.

The June 2 contests were at least partially the result of changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Maryland were supposed to hold their primaries earlier, but they were postponed until Tuesday.

New Jersey and Connecticut were scheduled to celebrate their primaries on Tuesday, but New Jersey has postponed its primary until July 7, and Connecticut has rescheduled its primary for August 11.

To protect the safety of their voters, most states allow voting by mail, a method that President Trump has condemned as “substantially fraudulent,” although he has never offered any evidence of this.

However, voting by mail will mean that counting the votes will take longer, as not all ballots will be received on Election Day.