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If during confinement you have fully explored your pastry skills, these delicious, inexpensive and simple recipes without the use of flour will become your favorites!

Delicious flourless dessert recipes, perfect for those who are gluten intolerant.

Daria Shevtsova / Pexels

During the days of confinement we have had the opportunity to go into the kitchen and explore new culinary skills, without a doubt desserts and biscuits have been most wanted recipes from quarantine. And is that baking all kinds of products turns out to be a therapeutic activity which is related to the calm and patience, which come quite well these days.

The shopping habits have also changed and an important preventive measure is minimize our trips to the supermarketFor this reason, there has been a shortage of certain pantry products, such as flour. That is why we present you three easy and healthy recipe alternatives than they do not require flour, they are nutritious and perfect for people who have gluten intolerance.

Sweet recipes without flour:

1. Chocolate and oatmeal muffins

These muffins are wonderful and extremely healthy, the use of flour is replaced by flaked and ground oats; They also stand out for being made with pantry ingredients that you will undoubtedly have at home such as bananas, eggs, milk, cinnamon, baking powder and chocolate chips. It is a generous recipe which yields 12 individual pieces to enjoy them little by little, they are the perfect healthy snack and also a good choice for dIt is breakfast or dessert.

2. Homemade corn cake

This cake is a recipe that you can not stop cooking, It is a delight to enjoy at any time of the day and thanks to the use of corn as a base ingredient you will forget to use flour, the best thing of all is its texture since it is a wet and fluffy bread. It is prepared with ingredients from the simpler and easier to getr, accompanied by vanilla ice cream is a delicacy.

3. Chocolate sponge cake

It is likely that don’t visualize a cake or brownie without using flour, because this it will become your favorite recipe and will save you from many since it is very easy to prepare. It is made with basic pastry ingredients like egg, butter, dark chocolate, walnut and whipping cream. It is so soft that everyone It will be hard for you to believe that flour is not used in its preparation, decorate with your favorite red berries.