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The clients and co-workers of the stylist who were exposed were notified by the health department.

The Great Clips barber in Springfield tested positive for COVID-19 and worked several days while having symptoms.

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A Missouri Stylist with COVID-19 Symptoms he worked for eight days exposing up to 91 people, as reported by the health department.

The stylist who worked at the Great Clips salon in Springfield served 84 clients while surrounded by 7 coworkers, according to Clay Goddard, director of the Springfield-Greene County, Missouri, Department of Health.

Health authorities reported several positive cases that were related to the stylist who worked in the classroom from May 12 to 20 but it is not known when or when it contracted positive for COVID-19.

“The individual and his clients wore facial covers. The 84 clients who were directly exposed will be notified by the Health Department and will be offered tests for coronavirus, as will the seven coworkers, ”said Goddard.

“We cannot make this a regular habit or our capacity as a community will be overwhelmed and we will have to reevaluate how things will look in the future.”

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In addition to possible contacts in Great Clips, the barber and related patient cases visited different sites while they had symptoms.

Authorities are hopeful that there will be no more cases of related contagion, as clients and the stylist used face covers and mouthguards during their visit to the salon, Goddard said during a press conference, the Springfield News-Leader site reported. .

For their part, the owners of the Great Clips room issued a statement to the KY3TV station where they confirmed the closure of the room where the employee worked and announced an additional thorough cleaning and disinfection of the place.

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Until Friday, Greene County has reported 133 cases of COVID-19 patients and 97 have recovered.

Missouri, where a large number of businesses such as hair salons and barber shops have been allowed to reopen, has more than 11,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients and 600 deaths.

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