New York —

The official pointed out that the use of the mask was not promoted so as not to relax discipline among the population

Although he noted once again that the mask is not an effective mechanism to prevent the spread of the pathogen, Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, appeared for the first time in an official act with a mask.

“There is no scientific evidence that this mechanism (mouthpiece) could be useful because its use requires perseverance, discipline, that people who use it do not touch their faces and that their eyes are not carved,” said López-Gatell.

Through his Twitter account, the official noted that “in transit to the New Normal, the face mask will be an auxiliary measure to prevent the spread of #COVID19

At night, in his daily conference, he added: “On the National Sana Distance Day, the most important measure to avoid COVID-19 infections was # QuédateEnCasa. During that period we did not promote the us