New York —

The former Chivas soccer player and now San Jose Earthqueakes technical assistant, Benjamin Galindo, remains sedated after the surgery he underwent due to a stroke, but the most recent report indicates that he is “stable.”

As a source close to the former player, Galindo, mentioned to ESPN “still stable, is asleep. Let us hope that when he awakens his evolution will be satisfactory. “

Remember that “Teacher” He was operated on Thursday afternoon in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara and will be sedated for 72 hours, that is to say, will wake up until sunday afternoon and it will be when doctors will be able to assess their health in a more precise way.

The journalist of the same sports chain, Héctor Huerta, who has closely followed the case, explained why and how the surgery was performed.

Benjamin had an ischemic stroke. A clot blocked the cerebral artery on the right side. An attempt was made to uncover with a catheter, which was not successful. Surgery was performed through which the blocked artery was located and the clots were located to restore circulation to the right side of the brain.Huerta reported.

“The moment you wake up you will see the degree of injury, as he went several hours without receiving blood,” he added.

Definitely, Sunday will be a crucial day to know how the former midfielder has evolved after the intervention of the Mexican National Team and teams like Santos and Cruz Azul.