New York —

“No one should have to vote for any party based on their race, religion or background,” he corrected himself.

Joe Biden, a former vice president and virtual Democratic candidate, said Friday that “I should not have been so arrogant” after suggesting to a radio host that he has the vote for African Americans because if they endorse President Donald Trump “they are not black” .

The comment was interpreted by some as assuming that black Americans would vote for him.

“He shouldn’t have been such a smart guy,” Biden later told business leaders in a call to the US Black Chamber of Commerce that was added to his public agenda.

“I don’t take it for granted at all and No one should have to vote for any party based on race, religion, or background. There are African Americans who think it is worth voting for Trump, “Biden added, according to The Hill.

In strong response, Katrina Pierson, senior advisor to the Trump campaign and leader of her group “Black Voices for Trump ”He said: “White liberal elitists have continually dictated which black Americans can come to the table and have a voice.” Also complained the black republican senator tim scott from South Carolina.

The original comments were made in “The Breakfast Club”, a popular radio show in the nationally issued black community from New York.

On the show, host Charlamagne Tha God asked Biden about reports that he is considering a certain senator as his running mate. He told him that black voters “saved his political life in the primaries” and “have things they want from you.”

“I am not acknowledging anyone who is being considerate, but I guarantee that there are several considerate black women. Several, ”Biden replied.

An assistant to the candidate then tried to end the interview, which led the driver to say, “You can’t do that to the black media.”

Biden replied: “I do that to the black and white media,” and said that his wife needed to use the television studio, because these days the campaign is “remote” because of the pandemic.

“Listen, you have to come see us when I come to New York, VP Biden,” said the driver. “It’s a long way until November, we have more questions.”

“I will go. You have more questions, but I’m telling you, if you’re having trouble figuring out if it’s me or Trump, then you’re not black. ”

“It has nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with the fact that I want something for my community,” replied the driver.

The interview ended amicably and Biden said he hoped to see the driver in person. But then criticism began that forced the vice president to apologize, The Epoch Times reported.