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With the recent case of George Floyd’s death, it seems that those conversations on how to act have been brought forward

“Without a word, an African American man can appear threatening,” said Kim Harris, founder of Shaker African American Mother Support.

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For many black families, having “The talk” is not talking about sex with your children like most parents. In them, it’s about talking about racism and how to interact with law enforcement.

It is cruel but it is the threatening reality that millions of African Americans live with their little ones, who with the recent case of George Floyd’s death, it seems that those conversations on how to act when the police stop them they have gone ahead.

Without a word, an African American man can seem threatening. If my son searches for something and stops, he’s dead, ”Kim Harris, founder of SAMS (Shaker African American Mother Support), told News 5 Cleveland, a woman who helps families in her neighborhood support each other and work with youth to have positive experiences with the local police department.

This mother knows that interactions with the police will not be good., so teaches children about racism and what to do if they are arrested, because even in the 21st century there are situations that continue to arise.

But Harris is not the only one who has decided to relive those talks with the minors. Such is the case of Dr. RA Vernon, senior pastor of The Word Church, who commented on some details that parents share with children around the age of 8 on how to act in front of the police force.

The conversation for a black father is how not to be killed by the police. Around the age of eight or nine, every black father has to sit down with his children and say ‘If you are ever arrested, put your hands on the board, don’t look for your cell phone, ask permission to call,’ ”Vernon told the aforementioned means, medium.

The pastor mentioned that in addition to having “the talk” once again, he also you are forced to use these latest injustices as learning experiences for your children, and seeks to keep minors in their community informed with their loved ones.