The state of New York is close to the 60,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the thousand dead, almost half of the totals registered in the United States, and decided this Sunday to extend until at least April 15 the order that obliges all workers not essential to stay home.

In the last 24 hours, positives increased by 7,195, bringing the total accumulated in New York to 59,513, according to data provided this Sunday by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Meanwhile, 965 people had so far died in COVID-19 status, 237 of them since Saturday, the highest daily number seen so far.

According to the latest data from John Hopkins University, the US records just over 125,000 confirmed cases and 2,197 deaths.

Of those killed in New York, about a quarter were people living in nursing homes, Cuomo said.

New York, the state where the virus has spread most strongly, is also by far the one that is testing the most, with more than 16,000 a day for the past few days and a total of more than 172,000.

Currently about 8,500 people are hospitalized in the state for COVID-19, just over 2,000 of them in intensive care.

At the beginning of the crisis, the authorities calculated that in the whole state there were some 3,000 beds in units of this type, so one of their recent priorities has been to multiply this availability by preparing more within hospitals and enabling new facilities, acquiring respirators and recruiting more medical personnel.

According to Cuomo this Sunday, more than 76,000 sanitarians have volunteered to help with the coronavirus.

New York City, where some 9 million people live, is the worst affected area in the state and where authorities expect the “peak” of the outbreak to be reached first.

According to the governor, the “curve” will hit the roof soon after outside the Big Apple, in Westchester County, to the north, and in the Long Island area, to the east, and later in the rest of the state.

For this reason, the authorities are working so that the hospitals in the different areas coordinate and move patients according to needs.

Cuomo, on the other hand, announced that it has decided to extend until at least April 15 the order that only allows workers from sectors considered essential to go to their posts and said that the rule will be reviewed every two weeks.

The governor noted that the “return to normal” for workers will surely occur when coronavirus tests are easy to administer and available in large numbers.

“If you could test millions of people, you could send them to work tomorrow,” he explained.

In that regard, he said that New York hospitals have developed a new “less intrusive” method to collect samples through the saliva and nose of patients, which will begin to be used next week and that, among other things, It makes it more difficult for the doctors and nurses who administer it to get it.


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