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Brazil reached 23,473 killed by COVID-19 on Monday and brushes the 375,000 infected

Kiko Loureiro, Brazilian guitarist of the thrash metal band Megadeth.

Alexandre Loureiro / .

Kiko Loureiro, the Brazilian guitarist for the thash metal band Megadeth, said he is “ashamed” to talk about the president’s chaotic government response Jair Bolsonaro before the pandemic of coronavirus.

The Brazilian-born guitarist, who currently lives in Finland, his wife’s home country, spoke about the COVID-19 crisis during a video chat on May 15 with former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, the specialized site reported. Blabbermouth.

“I am ashamed to mention something about Brazil, because it is crazy. My family is there, I have a brother and a sister. All my friends, people who work with me. I am an immigrant, but Brazil is my country, no matter where I live. “

The musician made reference to the resignation of two health ministers in the last month due to differences with Bolsonaro.

“We have a crazy president and the health minister has just resigned, the second in a month,” continued the 47-year-old musician. “We have two guys out there just because the president disagrees with them because they are too interested in science. But that is another topic. It just doesn’t make sense, “he concluded.