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Meet the loveliest delivery team in New York who are bringing beer to their customers’ doorstep

Golden Retrievers Buddy and Barley deliver beer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Two Golden Retriever dogs, Buddy, 3, and Barley, 1, are delivering beer to their homes in Huntington, a coastal city of Long Island, New York, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark and Karen Heuwetter are co-founders of Six Harbors Brewing Company, a brewery that was considered an essential business during the pandemic, so it has been able to remain open offering delivery service on the sidewalk and at home.

The Heuwetters told CBC This Morning that they had never done a delivery service before. When they decided to take their dogs to the deliveries, people started watching them, so they came up with the idea that the canine duo could help deliver the beer.

Barley and Buddy are known as Long Island’s “beer dogs”.

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The Heuwetters created a small stand where four cans of beer can be hung around the dogs’ necks. First they did a test with some empty cans, assimilating the work of the Saint Bernard dogs that carried a barrel of whiskey around their neck.

During deliveries, the owners of Buddy and Barley wear face masks, face masks, and gloves, then allow their customers to say hello and take some pictures with necklaces full of beer cans.

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On a typical day, 600 cans were served at the brewery on weekends, and with the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, sales fell by as much as 70 to 80 percent since April.

The brewery has 11 part-time employees who are joined by family members to help. During the pandemic, workers had to be temporarily laid off while the brewery owners applied for a loan from the Coronavirus Financial Aid Protection Program.

As long as it’s unclear when you can reopen the brewery, Buddy and Barley handle four to twelve beer deliveries in a single day which has allowed them to have more than 700 followers on their Instagram account.

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After the pandemic, the pair of dogs will remain at the brewery, and their owners hope that under normal circumstances, customers can bring their pets a beer and socialize in the business.

Since Six Harbors Brewing Company opened its doors in 2018, people stopped and Buddy ran to greet customers. Mark and Karen Heuwetter confessed that they never taught him to do that, “he just liked that the visitors greeted him.”

So far the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has mentioned that there is no evidence that dogs play a significant role in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, although it recommends washing hands after petting pets. .

Although dogs can contract other types of coronaviruses, COVID-19 is not believed to pose a threat to dogs.

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