New York —

The Chivas announced that after the coronavirus exams carried out on their campus, a player gave a positive result so immediately, fans on social networks pointed to Eduardo ‘Chofis’ López who allegedly violated the confinement.

Just last Saturday, the footballer’s girlfriend uploaded a video to Instagram where he was seen in a street meeting, in addition some users assure that López was attending clandestine drag events in the city of Guadalajara.

After the accusations, it was the player himself who came out to clarify his state of health and through a story on Instagram announced that he is not the Flock player who suffers from the disease.

“In case they had the earring, I’m not the one with COVID”, the footballer wrote.

‘Chofis’ has also been in the midst of controversy over the renewal of his contract with the Guadalajara and he has already hinted at his departure from the team, although the sports director, Ricardo Peláez, has indicated that they will have no problem reaching an agreement with the footballer.