New York —

The model was so daring to tell her fans what it is that today has made her feel fed up in relation to people’s prejudices

Demi Rose Share an important message with this sexy photograph. The British-born model claims to be tired of unhealthy criticism that only seeks to judge others by their physical appearance.

“I am tired of people who embarrass others by their looks, I am tired of people who are not pure and transparent,” Rose said, alluding to the phrase stamped on her chest: “Over it.”

“But I have not finished loving in the most free and open way, appreciating everything that is, letting go of what does not serve me and having faith in everything that is to come,” Demi Rose concluded on Instagram, demonstrating that despite All in all, she decides to leave the bad behind to focus on how she likes to love freely and without prejudice.

Beyond his profound words, fans are delighted with the sensual image he projects into the image. Thanks to her orange top, part of her breasts have been exposed in the image, and the thong that she used as a set for the little shirt, is also a little “orange” charm on her anatomy.