New York —

“Restore positive energy through everyone’s love language, music,” praised a Latina neighbor.

Quarantine doesn’t mean boredom for DJ Jim Shearer, former MTV star and current presenter of Sirius XM, who brought his amp out onto the balcony one Saturday in late March, right after the nightly applause for essential workers ended.

The action has evolved into a Saturday routine in 100 Overlook Terrace, on 191st Street in Upper Manhattan.

“I just felt like I needed a crescendo, so we decided to play a song,” said Shearer.

TO suggestion from a neighbor in a nearby fire escape, Jim turned his spinning session into a full-blown dance party. Expecting angry neighbors and police knocking on the door, he found himself inundated with messages of thanks.

“After the first party, I received an email asking if we would do it again next week. After the second week, I received another email asking if we would do it every week, “Jim told ABC News. Since then, they have repeated it every Saturday.

Shearer Announces her email address over the microphone for neighbors to send song requests and make screams and dedications.

“Sometimes you can feel a little lonely,” said neighbor Emi Hare-Yim, an 11-year-old girl. “My friends and I yell at each other from the balcony, and it’s a way to spend time together from a safe distance.”

“My favorite part is when he plays my song,” said Hare-Yim. “Because it makes me feel recognized and it’s nice.”

In a moment of collective despair, Shearer knows that He is not a hero in the front line of this battle, just a guy with a particular ability: move the needle over the discs.

“I am happy to be able to do something for an hour a week that puts a smile on our faces,” he said.

“Restore this positive energy that, whatever happens, we will overcome this together”, neighbor Amanda Rodríguez said. “And the best way to do it is through everyone’s love language, which is music.”