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There are many myths about egg consumption and vegetarianism, know all the details on the subject and its main categories according to the dietary restrictions that follow

Sometimes It can be confusing know about the foundations of the vegetarian diet, in principle it is a diet that aims to stop consuming any type of meat and fish. And it is a fact that in general almost all vegetarians avoid animal productsHowever, one of the most recurring questions is Can they eat eggs?

Are the eggs vegetarian?

The million dollar question has a simple answer, even though vegetarian bases avoid the consumption of animal food including meat and muscles, it is proven that there is a large percentage of people who follow vegetarianism eat eggs; in fact it could be said that they only consume egg as the only food of animal origin since they exclude the intake of beef, poultry and fish from their diets. There are also other people who do not consider eggs as part of allowed vegetarian meals, the reason is that the egg is a product that is obtained from the mating of the rooster and the hen, later the eggs are given which they have the possibility to become chickens and the reality is that the most attached vegetarians They are opposed to eating all kinds of animals. For some, the fact that the egg never became a chicken, makes it a food classified as sanimal ub product, as with the milk and butter.

The most important aspect to consider is that most eggs produced at commercial levels, that is to say those who sold in the supermarket are not fertilized. Although many religions who follow a vegetarian diet such as the Hinduism, the eggs they are prohibited since they are not considered a vegetarian product.

From a nutritional point of view eggs are a valuable element in any diet, but with greater relevance in the vegetarian since this type of protein from any other food. We all know that eggs are highly nutritious their 6 grams of proteins of high biological valueas well as its content in vitamins and minerals, and his extraordinary contribution on hill involved in numerous bodily functions. Thanks to this, many vegetarians choose the occasional consumption of eggs as source of essential nutrients or simply as an additional protein option (especially for those who avoid eating fish and meat). Last but not least vegetarians who consume eggs are still considered as such, Nevertheless they get a different name and that is why they have been classified in the following categories:

Lacto-vegetarian: That person who avoids eggs, meat and fish, but includes dairy.
Ovo-vegetarian: That person who avoids meat, fish and dairy, but includes eggs.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian: That person who avoids meat and fish but includes eggs and dairy
Vegan: A person who avoids all animal and animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and often other animal products such as honey.