New York —

There are rumors that Lorenzo Mendez is unfaithful to Chiquis Rivera. Before the gossip around the couple, madam Rosa he texted his granddaughter.

“I am not going to talk much about the things that are being said right now, because the truth is I don’t pay attention. I entrust myself to God. When I’m ready to talk about it, I’m going to talk to you, because I always do, “said the mother of Jenni Rivera to “Drop the Soup”.

Doña Rosa, who suffered the infidelity of Don Pedro Rivera, knows what it feels like to be a deceived woman. The advice she gave Chiquis will help her to take action if she has the evidence of a love affair on the part of her husband.

Look while you don’t see, as long as you don’t have proof I say forget it. It may be that there are people who want to hurt you, but I lasted many years like that, but when I saw, I said bye, byeHe added.