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The famous Italian businessman and musician has shared a “funny” video on Instagram. Everyone says “OMG” when they see it

Gianluca Vacchi.

Romain Maurice / .

Gianluca Vacchi He got “funny” and daring on Instagram. The famous dj let himself be recorded as he came out of the bathroom in a towel, to then stand in front of the television and leave all his charms exposed, nothing more and nothing less than for the famous “Friends” on television.

The uncovering of the Italian specifically seeks “the reaction” Monica and Phoebe on the screen. And then also expect the same “reaction” from Joey Tribbiani.

The three characters played by Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc say “OMG” at different times, of course on the scene they are reacting to Ross -David Shwimmer-. However, there is no doubt that “the small montage” of Gianluca Vacchi has made more than one laugh.

This is the complete scene where you can understand the reason for the reaction of Monica, Phoebe and Joey, who finally discover who is the father of Rachel’s baby –Jennifer Aniston-.