New York —

Mexican boxer Bryan Acosta suffered a burglary at his home, where he was injured by a knife before three robbers seized several of his belongings, including the featherweight championship belt of Central American and Caribbean Boxing Federation (Fecarbox) which won just a few weeks ago, before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fecarbox is one of the regional entities recognized by the World Boxing Council, and sanctioned Acosta’s fight with Jesús Ortega for the 126-pound belt. It was a duel agreed to eight rounds in support of the exhibition offered by Julio César Chávez and Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce before a packed event at the Hermosillo Multiple Use Center.

The boxer reported the news of the robbery through a live video that was broadcast on social networks, which he used to demand justice and request that his belt be returned to him.

In the broadcast, the boxer showed some of the injuries that the assailants caused on his arm and chest with an ice pick; also showed blows to the face and head, product of the kicks that his aggressors gave him.

According to information from ESPN, in addition to subtracting the belt that accredits him as champion, the thieves They took the air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, bed, clothes, cell phone, training supplies and belt from home. who had won on March 7 in Hermosillo, Sonora.

It is something valuable, not so much material, it is something that cost me with sweat to earn it, it is practically what I come to ask for justice for, and I want to show you the damage they did to me, they bit me with an ice pick (showing wound in the chest, arm), here they stung me several times ”, commented the“ Latino ”Acosta in the video.

“They hit my nose with kicks, they broke my head a little, here I have other blows, in the back I have other blows, in the ribs they kicked me and so on”, ended the boxer who remains undefeated after 13 fights, 4 of them won by knockout.