New York —

They arrested him for not declaring that he was carrying such a large amount of money when he was preparing to leave the country

A man who walked towards Mexico dragging his luggage he was arrested after Customs and Border Protection agents (CBP) discovered several bundles of banknotes that he had in his suitcases.

The sum of money was $ 99,118 dollars and she was seized for not having made the respective declaration before customs when she was preparing to leave the country for the brownsville border, TexasCBP reported.

The forfeiture of money It was registered on May 27 when the customs agents who inspected the pedestrian exit by the Veterans International Bridge they would have chosen for a routine inspection a traveler who was dragging his luggage.

When they opened their suitcases, they discovered several packages with bills of different denominations and other bundles of dollars that he carried with him.

Carrying money is a crime

The traveler was only identified as a 26-year-old US citizen based in the border city of Brownsville, who was released into custody to agents of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to determine the origin of the money.

CBP clarified that carrying money is not a crime, but when it comes to more than $ 10,000 dollars It must be declared before the customs authorities when leaving or entering the country, otherwise it becomes a federal crime that leads to confiscation and in certain cases to the arrest of whoever owns it.

A person can request the return of the currency seized by CBP, as long as they verify that the origin and the intended use of the money are legitimate.

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