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The stories we tell our children will directly influence how they remember this stretch in their lives

It is a fact, the Covid-19 pandemic has come to turn life around the world. Adults and children have been physically and psychologically affected because of the arrival of this virus that, although it is not known if it will soon cease, memories in children will be important to their personality in the future.

No one knows for sure from what age children start to have truly lasting memories, some researchers believe that the first ones start around 3 and a half years old, while everything else is lost in childhood amnesia. Older children are more likely to remember what is happening right now, while younger children are likely to forget most of it.

Among all the children are living, What will be the greatest memories that will stay forever? School-age children may remember that they were out of school for a period, that people wore face masks in public. Older children and teenagers will keep a much more complete account of everything that is happening right now.

So It is important to be careful about what is said about the pandemic to your children. If a friend or family member becomes seriously ill or dies from COVID-19, that can certainly become a painful, permanent memory. Whatever is emotionally most prominent is what children will remember most often, therefore it must be important to separate the facts from the emotions.

Experts say having fun with your child can make a big difference in what they remember in the future. Maintaining a sense of hope and a positive future is what could help them maintain well-being.

The stories we tell our children will also directly influence how they remember this stretch in their lives. It can help remind children of the life skills they are acquiring and the values ​​they learn from all of how crucial they are to your family.

This will be a resistance learning experience, so that when they grow up, they can be mentioned about the worst that happened and that they certainly managed to survive.