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The city of San Francisco woke up on Saturday with fire in one of its most emblematic places, when a warehouse located in Fisherman’s Wharf, a dock area full of restaurants and other tourist attractions.

The massive fire occurred around 4 am in a fish processing cellar at pier 45 (Pier 45), sparking huge columns of fire off the coast in an eerie image.

After several hours, San Francisco Fire Department officers managed to control the fire and no injuries were reported. Investigations into the incident include the possible presence of homeless people inside the building.

The fire hit one of the firefighters’ trucks, so some of the more than 130 officers who arrived at the scene had to work to save the vehicle, according to witnesses.

More important was saving the fire from historic warship SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a ship used in the Normandy Landing in World War II and which is now a museum, which is anchored next to where the fire occurred.

Just the previous Saturday there was a awesome warehouse fire in downtown Los Angeles, in which there were chemical materials related to marijuana.