New York —

He used several knives and when he fled he stole a soft drink to “wash” the blood of the horrible crime

Thomas Scully-Powers

Suffolk County Police / Courtesy

“He kept breathing, so I had to keep stabbing him,” said Thomas Scully-Powers, confessing to police that he had killed his father while the old man was participating in a video conference. Zoom from his home in Amityville (Long Island, NY).

The 32-year-old suspect almost beheaded his father The Thursday evening. Use various knives in the attack and cut his father’s throat to the bone, from ear to ear, according to prosecutors.

He also admitted to stabbing his father multiple times in the chest. Then he turned her around and stuck a knife into her the backNewsday reported.

Dwight Powers, 72, was found dead in the apartment he shared with his son on Dixon Avenue, after other participants in the video conference called 911, police said.

One of them notified the police, but did not know where the victim lived. Others took between 10 and 15 minutes to find out his name and address.

When the police responded to the scene, Scully-Powers opened the door, slammed it shut, then jumped out the window to avoid arrest but was caught shortly after trying to wash himself with a Dr. Pepper soda stolen from a store close.

He was held without bond on murder charges. The reasons for the patricide and whether there were other people in the residence are not clear.

Scully-Powers’ attorney, Jonathan Manley, declared him “not guilty” yesterday in the court filing, but added that he had been unable to discuss the details of the case with the defendant.

This is not the defendant’s first brush with the law. He was accused of criminal conduct for shooting a pizzeria and then violated the terms of his probation, Prosecutor Laura Newcombe said.

He was also charged with reckless danger for allegedly firing a rifle on another occasion, a case still pending.