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Players from the Hermosillo Municipal Baseball League organized the matches

The Mexican Baseball League is on hiatus due to the coronavirus.

Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

Mexico is going through one of the most difficult stages of coronavirusBecause it is registering the highest numbers of infections and deaths since the pandemic began. However, there are those who do not take into account the recommended measures for sanitation and gather together in groups for multiple activities, such as clandestine baseball games.

According to the health authorities of Hermosillo, Sonora, last Sunday, May 17, clandestine baseball games were held in the so-called Recycler Fields and in the Palo Verde League.

Genaro Urías, leader of the Hermosillo Municipal Baseball League, confirmed that the games were organized by the same players and sentenced that, if they happened again, they would be sanctioned: “Over the weekend we had an emergency that presented itself to us in two fields in the town. They held friendly duels, of which we made the presidents of those leagues see that such practices were not allowed, because the sanction is going to come for them, we cannot make use of the facilities until the authorities allow it, ”he declared.

In Hermosillo, all sports facilities for baseball practice are closed from March 16 and there is still no definite date for the restart of the leagues.